Vision,Mission &Core values


To Strive to Empower Women through affordable and quality laden higher education by inculcating values, economic empowerment and chisel them to be quality embedded citizens who contribute to the development of the family, society and the country in general


To Provide quality education through effective method of teaching by engaging the suitable faculty.

To create an environment to excel in all activities.

To develop courage, confidence and competitiveness among the students in the changing global scenario.

To stimulate the most conducive ambience for the promotion of quality in teaching and learning

The Core Values:

  1. The commitment to strive continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of excelling the best in our field.
  2. Transition from the Teacher-Centric focus to the learner -centric approach in imparting knowledge.
  3. Attaining expertise in different disciplines by creating, preserving and disseminating knowledge to all aspiring students.
  4. Developing within members a sense of accountability towards their community, society and the nation at greater level.
  5. Accepting the challenges of globalization and changing times thrown at us to offer high quality education and developmental services in a competitive manner.